This paper briefly defines these three social theories and discusses the history of their development. They are then applied to modern day society and the paper questions which theory is most relevant today. The writer concludes that the theory of functionalism best describes today’s social organism.

From the Paper:

“Functionalist theory is the fundamental metaphor of the living organism, its several parts and organs, grouped and organized into a system, the function of the various parts and organs being to sustain the https://blablawriting.com/childrens-functional-health-pattern-assessment-2-essay organism, to keep its essential processes going and enable it to reproduce. Similarly, members of essay writer law a society can be thought of as cells, its institutions its organs, whose function is to sustain the life of the collective entity, despite the frequent death of cells and the production of new ones. Functionalist analyses examine the social significance of phenomena, that is, the purpose they serve a particular society in maintaining the whole (Jarvie, 1973).”